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Art of Tibet and Art of Dharma


There is no doubt, seeing as Lamas have found Twitter, and sangha’s have sprung up in cyberspace, that technology and the Dharma are colliding at an ever-increasing rate. To what end this unceasing march towards digital dharma? And what of its ramifications for those who practice? To those with a Mahayana background the answer is clear, spread the teachings to as many who seek its wisdom. It is with this imperative that Art of Dharma has come into being.
The Art of Dharma uses the effectiveness and ubiquity of social networking media such as
Twitter, Facebook, MySpace as well as Forums and even YouTube to deliver the dharma as widely as possible.
Not only this, but The Art of Dharma will be partnering with a vast array of charitable causes and organizations to deliver up to the minute content that will nourish your mun (mind, in Sanskrit) and cultivate your Bodhisattva mindset. With guest postings by experts in the field and leading scholars of Tibetan Buddhism (Mahayana) from The Asian Classics Institute and other noteworthy organizations as well as acting as a springboard for community and charitable causes The Art of Dharma will use the web’s infinite resources to unfurl the lotus of wisdom with ease and enjoyment. With links and articles tracking teachings and writings; podcasts and videos about products and art exhibits related to buddhism and the dharma; and also fun, lighthearted content with an eastern/Buddhist twist, The Art of Dharma brings Buddhism to your fingertips.
The best way to teach is to appeal to all contingencies, this was one of the main qualities of the historical Buddha.
This site and its affiliates will become a leading resource hub for contemporary Buddhism study and information, putting together the resources of the past and present with today’s technology in order to provide an unparalleled resource for all.