National Geographic photographer, Cory Richards, travels outside of his comfort zone to make a conscious connection to his own humanity. Richards pairs up with Brooklyn based digital media company, Blue Chalk, to reflect on the motivations behind his work in this clip from A Tribute to Discomfort. He says, “by the time I was 14, I was completely […]


“My mother taught me this trick. If you repeat something over and over again, it loses its meaning.” Poet Phil Kaye performs his piece, Repetition, for the poetry in motion series, Poetry Observed. On the website for their fully funded kickstarted project, Poetry Observed states that their mission is to “bring together gripping performances, offstage locations […]


Allow me to tell you a story. A simple tale of father and son. A boy goes to the barber for his first haircut. This boy is named Furqan. His creator, author and artist Robert Trujillo, writes and illustrates a story. A story that reflects the authentic beauty in the children all around him. Black […]

The modern landscape of Iceland is an expression of strength as much as it is one of beauty. Centuries of destruction, by humans and sheep, have forever changed this glacier-and-volcano-shaped photo-tourist attraction. However, the photographs of UK based photographer, Andy Lee, attest to the silent resilience of what has endured. In his series, titled Blue Iceland, Lee […]


He calls himself the “eco warrior.” In high school, he spent six months researching methods to eradicate plastic pollution. He was recently named one of Intel’s 20 Most Promising Entrepreneurs Worldwide (EYE50). His name is Boyan Slat and his work is inspiring. Yes, the list of this planet’s environmental concerns is long and thorough. If you […]


Meet Theo and Beau. They are an organically adorable duo. Their mom, Jessica Shyba, began posting these seriously cute photos of her toddler, Beau with Theo, their two month old adopted puppy. Shyba swears that these series of snapshots of the precious pair napping are not staged and that it is her adorable pup, Theo, […]


These performers utilize light and modern animation to evoke complex emotions in their compelling one of a kind dance shows. Nobuyuki Hanabusaby, automobile-designer-turned-visual-artist and director of the dance troop states on their website: “We wanted to challenge different ways of expression and to create more complex work with a different outlook on the world.” The […]